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Keyboard player Dennis Reid prepares for an evening of performing by loading the van that carries the band's monitors, PA system, lights and other equipment needed to run a show. He has proven to be quite the "behind-the-scenes" guy that every band needs to create a successful gig, but his real talent is unleashed when he gets behind the keyboard. Dubbed,"Lightnin' Reid," he possesses the unique ability to play with lightning fast speed and accuracy.

Brand name keyboard manufacturers such as Sony, Korg, and Roland have solicited Dennis to assist them in the development of a keyboard that could withstand the sheer force of his brutal beatings when he plays. Even Dennis' own parents knew they were dealing with a rare force when, as a youngster, he built his own make-shift piano. Recognizing their son had a talent, they quickly purchased a Casio keyboard for him. Unfortunatey, it was the first of many, as the instruments simply could not survive Dennis' Mountan Dew-fueled onslaughts.

"My claim to fame," states Reid, "Is when I toured with the band, 'Moving Pictures'. There is a video on YouTube titled, 'What About Me', that folks can still view."

Aside from the keyboard, you will also catch Dennis walking amongst the audience while playing solo on his electric fiddle-keeping the crowd engaged and energized while the band members take a break.

Dennis is exciting to watch and showcases a bundle of musical talent, especially while on keyboard- he stands inches from a high-powered fan that whips his hair with the same amount of speed, velocity, and force with which he plays.



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