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Lead guitarist Les Samuels is no stranger to manipulating his guitar to perform, and perform it does. Les' musical career began at the tender age of three when his uncle introduced him to a Ukulele and by age six he was touring with a well-known polka artist. Inspired by the rock band "KISS", by the age of sixteen the young boy with a Ukulele soon emerged as a gifted young man with an acoustic guitar.

After the purchase of his first guitar, Les toured for many years with unknown bands and artists ("The Belly Lickers" and "The Bone Shakers"). Being young and eager, the tours offered him the experience he needed, but afforded him very little opportunity for exposure.

Fueled by a desire to entertain and an unbridled passion to play, Les formed the band we know today as "Spanky the Band".
"This band has the best chemistry and camaraderie of any musical group I have been a part of," states Samuels. "I have worked with many talented artists, but the members of this band overwhelm me with their willingness to step outside their comfort zone and offer audiences a huge variety of music."

Spanky's band members have a history of friendship that spans over many years, but today's version of the band has been going strong for a little over two years. You will find the group predominantly performing in local night clubs, popular hot spots, smoke-filled rooms and community events located at the Jacksonville Landing. They have also performed at the Ritz Carlton, Marriott at Sawgrass, Hammock Beach Club, and even Epping Forest. This variety of venues confirms their ability to be appreciated for their competence, high energy level, versatility, entertainment content, and musical contributions to the community.

Les Samuels is a hard-rockin' guitar player who continues to dazzle audiences with his star performance and unpredictable stage antics (from his bubble blower to his multiple 'shirt' changes), each move symbolic of Les's fun-loving personality and free-spirit.

Les is indeed doing what he loves. He continues to be committed to delivering the best he has to offer to every audience, large or small.

His guitar is his toy and the stage, his playground.




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